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Beautifully Restored Pianos for Sale from Our Singapore Workshop

Our showroom boasts an eclectic collection of skilfully reconditioned upright and grand pianos for sale. made in Europe or US. They include lower-priced uprights for beginning young players, all the way to second hand Steinway & Sons grand pianos for discerning and seasoned players.

Our selection of used pianos has been chosen for the beauty of their workmanship and the quality of their parts, before being painstakingly serviced and restored to their former glory. We have stringent quality guidelines that ensure every instrument we sell is as attractive as possible in sound and appearance as possible.

Reconditioned grand pianos and beautifully restored upright pianos

Our premium restored pianos have been painstakingly worked on to restore their original beautiful tone, and their action (keys and hammers) overhauled to original factory specs to give a responsive touch that can satisfy even experienced, professional piano teachers and pianists. Our speciality is providing top quality reconditioned grand pianos that are worth preserving, so that they can be enjoyed by not only the owner, but the owner’s children and grandchildren.

A properly maintained antique piano will give decades of loyal service and warm, rich music. However, it’s important that after you receive yours, you give it the attention it deserves with our maintenance services. If you already have an antique that you’d like to see made playable once again, enquire about restoration with Pristine Piano at our Singapore workshop.

second hand piano

Grand Piano; 6ft in Black

second hand steinway

JC Fischer
Grand Piano; 6ft in Black

sons piano for sale

Grand Piano; 5ft in Mahogany

second hand steinway & sons piano for sale

Steinway & Sons
Model M Grand Piano; 5ft 7″ in Black

restored piano for sale singapore

Steinway & Sons
Model O Grand Piano; 5ft 10″ in Black

used piano for sale singapore

Baldwin – SOLD
Spinet Upright Piano, in Walnut



reconditioned grand piano for sale

Kohler & Campbell
Upright Piano, in Walnut

Work in progress second hand pianos, for sale soon

Pianos in our inventory that are being worked on, to be available for sale as soon as work has been completed. Including a selection of beautiful vintage Steinway & Sons instruments, these are a beautiful choice for experienced musicians looking to have a tool that matches their skill level.

restored piano singapore

Steinway & Sons
Model K Upright Piano, in Walnut

restored piano in singapore

Steinway & Sons
Upright Piano, in Walnut

singapore restored piano

Steinway & Sons
Upright Piano, in Walnut

Steinway & Sons
Model S Grand Piano, 5 Ft. in Black