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Professional Piano Maintenance Services In Singapore

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Your piano relies on over a thousand moving parts to function properly. A delicate and complex musical instrument, require care and precise maintenance services. This is even more true for instruments located in Singapore, due to our hot and humid weather conditions. Excessive neglect may result in even higher piano repair costs compared to one that is inspected, tuned and regulated at fixed time intervals. With our extensive technical experience, we are able to offer our valued customers a wide range of piano repair services, everything from master tuning, body refinishing, keys and hammers reconditioning, strings replacement or complete antique piano restoration.


Expert Piano Maintenance and Tuning

Pianos produce sounds when the hammers strike the various high-tension strings. The tension in the strings must be right in order to produce the right sound. Not only that, the strings must also produce consistent sound when struck by the same force across the keys to achieve musical harmony. But the tension in the strings changes due to time, humidity, and how frequently they are being played. An out-of-tune piano creates jarring sound tones that can be immediately picked up by the player and his/her audience. Regular tuning is essential for it to sound its best.

The recommended frequency of tuning is as follow:
- At least twice a year for casual players (less than 10 hours playing time in a month)
- Three times a year for frequent players (more than 10 hours playing time in a month)

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Careful, professional piano repair by experienced technicians

For when more intensive intervention is required, our workshop can offer a number of restoration and repair services.

Repair of Action

Piano action refers to the mechanism that moves when your fingers push down on the keys, translating the strength and speed to the hammers striking the strings. Since the action involves many moving parts, they need to be cleaned and regulated to provide optimum performance.

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Replacement of Strings

Piano strings are held continuously under tremendous high tension by the cast iron frame and pinblock. The high tension sometimes give rise to individual strings breaking in older instruments. Broken strings = no musical tone, which cannot be tied back together and the entire string will need to be replaced.

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Body Refinishing

A piano's body is made from wood. Wood changes over time due to interaction with the environment. Heat, Cold and moisture from the environment causes wood to become soft, its paint lacquer to lose its lustre and even start to crack. We offer woodwork and paint refinishing when it is combined with other services.

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Complete Antique Piano Restoration

This can be considered “the works” of our piano maintenance services, where no detail is spared in bringing the instrument back to form. From the individual keys and actions; to the bronze frame holding the strings; to the pinblock and new strings, everything will be fully restored so that the instrument plays and feels like it is brand new. Please refer to our restoration page for more information.

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Get in touch with our workshop to learn more

If you’d like to find out how we can have your old piano playing like new, contact our workshop. Call us directly on (65) 6795 3858 or send an email to enquiry@pristinepiano.com.sg.