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Piano Servicing and Restoration for Singapore Musicians

Do you have an old, antique piano that you would like to restore back to its glory days? Pianos made in Europe and USA in the past were made to last. The saying: “They don’t make them like they used to.” rings true for piano manufacturers. High quality pianos made in the past used premium materials because they were made with pride and care. Modern, mass-produced instruments are made to meet a price point and inevitably will lead to cost-cutting measures.

Tuning and repairing pieces of musical history

If you’re lucky enough to be holding onto a genuine antique that’s non-functioning or in need of repair, you can have it working again. Our piano tuning services are available for instruments in less dire circumstances, but for units requiring greater care, we offer a full range of maintenance and repair options from our workshop.

We’re passionate about music, and we know you are too. That’s why you can rely on our expert technicians and restorers to always treat your instrument as if it were our own treasured possession. We’ll bring out the former beauty of pianos that have been dulled by age.

A dedication to piano servicing and instrument restoration

We believe we have a responsibility to try and preserve the hand-made quality of old pianos. We strongly believe that without workshops like Pristine Piano this legacy and tradition would not be passed down to future generations. High quality old pianos were handmade, making each piano a little different from each other, and requiring full attention to detail in order to bring out their original beauty and tone. Trust us to provide the highest quality piano tuning services and servicing and restoration in Singapore.

Our full restoration procedures cover every inch of the piano, which includes:

Piano Body Refinishing

piano restoration


Piano Re-stringing:

Old Strings

piano servicing and restoration singapore

New Strings

piano servicing and restoration

Tuning Pin Replacement:

Old Rusted Tuning Pins

New Tuning Pins

singapore piano servicing and restoration

Hammerhead Replacement:

Old Hammerheads

New Hammerheads


Cast Iron Refinishing:

Old Cast Iron

piano restoration in singapore

Refinished Cast Iron

singapore piano restoration